All I Wanna Be Is Somebody To You

Top: Eldima Fashion
Kimono: Choies Clothing
Skirt: Primark 
Sandals: Alison Sman

Summer time means its acceptable to mix things that wouldn't normally be acceptable. You can mix and match prints and colours, bikini's and this year you can even mix the normally flat sandal with a platform or heel - say whaaa? I'm so glad a pair of platform sandals is a must this year! It makes going from my staple winter Creepers a lot easier as it means I don't look a few inches shorter during the summer months! I have been doing a bit of searching around and have found some amazing pairs to add to my wish list on Nasty Gal,  Windsor Smith, SoleStruck,  Brantano and ASOS .

Also, this blog title is from that new Vamps song (how top 40 of me haha). It's my new car jam at the moment which now all my friends know thanks to my sister snapchat storying me singing loudly to it whilst in traffic. It just won't get out my head.


Sink or swim, hold your breath and just dive right in.

Here are a few swimwear looks from my holiday. I went a bit bikini cray cray and bought a ton of new ones because ya know, my 21 year old self trying to squeeze into the bikini's i had when i was 15 was not gunna happen anymore so i decided to buy a few fashionable ones. 

 Sunglasses: New Look
Necklace: Topshop
Bikini: Primark 
Jelly Shoes: Diechmann

 Bikini Top: Tesco's
Bikini Bottoms: Primark
Sandals: Ikrush

 Kimono: Hand me down 
Bikini: H&M

 Mermaid Bikini: This Is A Love Song 


forgive me while i forget you

 Suspender Denim Dress: 6ks.com
Bralet: Gilly Hickes

Florals for summer? How radical!

If like me your not really a dress person i instead chose this floral suspender dress so it still has that lovely floral summer feelin but with more chilled vibes. 


Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you're mine? Cause You and I, We were born to die.

 Dress: 6ks.com
Sandals: Ikrush
Cross Earring: Galisfly 

Beautiful dress with a beautiful backdrop. I love this embroidered white dress from 6ks with its unusual collar and jewel detail. Its simple yet also has a great wow factor, i just put on some red lippy and then was ready to go!

I was in Greece for a week and i still look Porcelain! 

The title of this post is Lana Del Rey, Born To Die because the pics kinda remind me of her album cover ha.


Yves Saint Laurent Premier | DVD launch | Soho House

Hey Guys,

So yesterday evening I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Yves Saint Laurent exclusive premier at Soho House to celebrate the films DVD launch on the 14th of July. 

I was in heaven with the plush velvet seats, a lovely glass of wine and YSL cupcakes (so yummy!). It was just what i needed after a long day at work! The viewing experience was a absolute treat for me which as many of you may know, I graduate on Thursday with a Bsc in Film and Television Production.

Scroll down to see what i thought of the film...

Because of my degree I have been sat in a cinema for around 4 hours a week for the last 3 years and as you can imagine from learning all the tricks of the trade it has ruined my film viewing experience as i annoyingly can point out the ADR, Foley, grade changes - you name it. However OH. MY. GOODNESS. Firstly the production values in YSL are absolutely top notch, i literally couldn't fault it and for those who are slightly hesitant about fashion film you really shouldnt be. Both the fashion and film industry's hold great disciplines when it comes to production values so the YSL film combining the two has created just a stunning masterpiece! 

Directed by Jalil Lespert (uh-mazingly) and starring French newcomer Pierre Niney (who i was finding very attractive by the end of the film), this visually sumptuous film begins in Paris, 1957. The film charts YSL's career from his early years at Dior in the late 1950s through to his iconic Ballet Russes collection of 1976. The world of the late 1950s is perfectly captured with elegant Dior designs, stylish models and a jazz score that matched the chic Parisian apartments the fashionistas inhabit. The cinematography is just stunning and i think YSL is now my favorite designer because through all his doubts, demons and shy, socially awkward demeanor he still managed to turn the sleepy fashion world upside down and it was freaking awesome!

Thanks so much to Premier PR for the wonderful evening, best film i have seen in a long time and thats saying something because i have seen a lot! YSL arrives on DVD on the 14th July and i strongly recommend you watch it - you wont regret it!

I shall leave you with my favorite quote from the film "beware of shy people...they rule the world". 


H! by Henry Holland x The Young Eccentric

 Fedora - Warehouse
Twerkin Gherkin tee - H! by Henry Holland
Lace Trim Shorts - H! by Henry Holland
Mesh Bomber Jacket - AKA Clothing
Mouse Backpack - H! by Henry Holland
Dr Martens

If you read my previous post you shall find out all about my amazing day at Wireless Festival with Henry Holland, Debenhams and Gathery. As promised here is a closer look at how I styled H! By Henry Holland for the festival!

Now H! by Henry Holland has a lovely assortment of styles and prints, from lovely daisy print sundresses to sophisticated jumpsuits, and guess what I chose? Yup I had to choose the Twerkin Gherkin tee and Mouse backpack! You all know I am such a sucker for fun loving clothing items so as soon as I saw those two pieces and they put a smile on my face I knew I had to get them! The Twerkin Gherkin tee may have gone slightly to my head as I did numerous Twerkin Gherkin impressions throughout the day *face palm*. I was werkin that twerkin gherkin when Pharrell played Blurred Lines ha! For the perfect festival vibe I paired them with a pair of H! by Henry Holland denim shorts which had a amazing lace detail.

I accessorized with a Fedora, Dr Martens and a few jewellery accessories I had saved from the naughty 90's. I was also very excited to whack out my amazing new mesh bomber jacket from AKA Clothing (Iggy Azalea was also rocking a mesh bomber jacket so *high five* to me for being on trend for once). 

It was such a incredible day with amazing people, plus amazing clothes! The mouse backpack (the only item that doesn't need a serious wash after all that twerkin and numerous beer spillages) was glued to my back as I went to my ''normal'' 9-5 job today - someone take me back to Friday please!